Journey of a T-Shirt


After customer service verifies your order, the first stop it makes is our design department. Here, we customize the sample design you selected to reflect your school or organization – or we prep your own design for screen printing on apparel. In either case you will always receive a proof to approve before we send your order into production.

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The next stop for your order is our screen printing department. School Tee Factory hand-prints every item using the traditional direct screen printing process, which provides superior quality and durability. Our inks do not contain phthalates, which are a class of chemicals present in inks used by many screen printers. You can learn more about why you should avoid phthalates here.


After your shirts are hand-printed using phthalate-free inks, they are dried and cured using the machine shown above. This ensures a shirt that will withstand many years of normal use with minimal cracking, peeling or fading.

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Before we ship your shirts, we package them based on the option you've selected; Printer Packed or Individually folded & bagged! See the FAQ's for information about the different packaging options.


After your shirts are bagged, we box them and prepare them for shipment.


Each afternoon, UPS arrives at our facility and picks up your shirts to transport them across the country. Hopefully, they’ll soon deliver some of our hand-printed, phthalate-free shirts to you!


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